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Happy New Year!

We have great plans for Society of Emotional Intelligence Chicagoland in 2019!!

Stay Tuned for the new schedule!



See the Reviews from the attendees of our Chapter Meetings.


Attendee #1 ( July 2018) Get together at PinStripes in Oak Brook was a lovely event.  Great conversation, Great food, and a delightful warm breeze on the patio!

Attendee #1 ( May  2018) Thanks for organizaing the May meeting at the Redstone Resturant in oak Brook.  it was fantastic to meet the new members and share enlighting conversation all related to Emotional intelligence.


Attendee #1 (10.02.17) "It was an interesting discussion and as always, I enjoyed the exchange of thought provoking topics.  I will be formally joining the group."

Attendee #2 (10.02.17) "I am sorry to have missed this Anniversary event! I’ve marked my calendar for 11/27/17.  See you all then!"

Attendee#1 (07.24.17)  What a fantastic evening sharing a meal with friends on the patio at Pinstripes.  Very relaxing and great conversation.


Attendee #1 (03.27.17) I enjoyed the case study discussions, very interactive.


Attendee #1 (09.26.16) I did enjoy the session.  The information was wonderful!  I do enjoy when we are able to have open discussion as well, so perhaps every other meeting we have a speaker, and the other months we have opportunity for open discussion.

Attendee #2 (09.26.16) The first year anniversary meeting was a success! It was great to see everyone again, and learn more about how we can apply EI to our work and social lives.

Attendee #3 (09.26.16) I so enjoy the diverse backgrounds and interests that are brought together through this group. It is such a cohesive and collaborative membership, who all enjoy self examination and metacognition. Thank you for all you do. It is very much appreciated. You were so thoughtful to include gifts, cake and a raffle tonight.

Attendee #4 (09.26.16) Thank you for all your efforts to put together a wonderful meeting last night!!  I thought the flow of the evening, the program and your tribute to our first year was very encouraging.  Thanks also for the very thoughtful gifts.  The door prizes was a nice way for many people to take home a special gift.

Attendee #1 (06.06.16) As for the meeting, I really enjoyed the exercise we did in the beginning with how we envisioned an engaging culture, and emotions associated with it. It was interesting how diverse our answers were, and how we talked about our responses while getting to know each other's backgrounds. I also liked the part of discussion about fixed versus growth mindsets. It is a very prevalent topic in emerging leadership, and is important in understanding how leaders can continue to grow.

Attendee #2 (06.06.16) Thanks to you, Inez, for your leadership and efforts to coordinate and grow the chapter.  It was a great meeting last night and Cynthia was excellent.  I loved hearing about the work she is doing. 

Attendee #3 (06.06.16) It was a great meeting!

SoEi Founder (03.28.16) Inez J, I amso proud of you and what you've accomplished in such a short period of time. If you could see the smile on my face, you'd believe. Keep up the great work.  Your team is setting chicago on Fire !!!!

Attendee #1 (03.28.16) Thank you very much for having me, I had an amazing time and I would love to join you guys in the next event.


SoEi Founder (03.28.16) Inez J, I amso proud of you and what you've accomplished in such a short period of time. If you could see the smile on my face, you'd believe. Keep up the great work.


Attendee #1 (01.26.16) Thank you.  I really enjoyed the round table discussions and sharing.  We truly learn from each other!


Attendee #2 (01.25.16) The Chili was excellent for a cold winter evening !!


Attendee #1 (11.23.15) Thanks for a great meeting last night. Very informative and I loved the exchange of ideas.


Attendee #2 (11.23.15) Thank you for leading another stimulating meeting. So many viewpoints and potential applications for EI to conceptualize until next time.Loved the food. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.


Attendee #1 (09.25.15) "Good job last night. You are doing the right things to build momentum. Hang in there!"


Attendee#2 (09.25.15)  "I enjoyed the meeting and look forward to attending them in the future; I also plan to formerly join the organization before our next meeting.  I found being among the variety of people - about half from business and the other half from counseling and social / psychological science - completely energizing!  Although I am from business, my heart and interests go way beyond traditional business interests so I do not want to pass up future opportunities to get recharged and to grow as a human person.  Thank you for that invitation to do so as part of SOEI-Chicago!"


Attendee#3  (09.25.15)Thank you for hosting a wonderful meeting!  I’m happy to be a part of it.  I’m looking forward to the next meeting.  I will definitely join the organization.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you." 


Attendee#4 (09.25.15) "Thank you for all you did to make our meeting last night so successful.  I was impressed with the number of people who attended.  Hopefully next time we will have twice as many!

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